Baptisms extracted for Groton, St. Bartholomew, Suffolk


Ref. Baptism date Name Relationship Parents Date of birth
no.       Additional information  
9685 28/09/1655 Lidia Fuller daughter of Isacke Fuller and Lidia Fuller  
9686 16/01/1661 Susan Fuler daughter of Jacob Fuler and Susan Fuler  
9687 01/05/1664 Danell Fuller son of Isacke Fuller and Susana Fuller  
9688 28/08/1666 Mara Fuller daughter of Isaacke Fuller and Susana Fuller  
9689 01/02/1668 Elesebeth Foller daughter of Isack Foller and Susan Foller  
        Baptism: Date unknown.  
9690 28/12/1673 John Fuller son of Isaac Fuller and Susan Fuller