Baptisms extracted for Ipswich, Ipswich Union Workhouse, Suffolk


Ref. Baptism date Name Relationship Parents Date of birth
no.       Additional information  
323 16/04/1844 [Male] Fuller son of Letitia Fuller 16/04/1844
        Baptism: Illegitimate.  
        Mother: Of Ipswich, St. Nicholas.  
324 13/02/1853 Caroline Barnard daughter of Rosetta Barnard 13/02/1853
        Baptism: Illegitimate. [Name recorded as "Female" in register]..  
        Mother: Of Ipswich, St. Clement.  
325 04/08/1886 [Female] Fuller son of Emma Fuller 04/08/1886
        Baptism: Illegitimate.  
326 22/07/1910 Belinda Fuller daughter of Louisa Fuller 22/07/1910
        Baptism: Illegitimate.  
        Mother: Of Ipswich, St. Mary at Elms.  
809 15/07/1915 Grace Muriel Barnard daughter of Rose Victoria Barnard 20/05/1915
        Baptism: Illegitimate.  
        Mother: Admitted on 20/05/1915.  
810 23/06/1916 John Barnard son of Rose P. Barnard 23/06/1916
        Baptism: Illegitimate. Died 8 hours later.  
        Mother: Admitted on 21/03/1916.