Burials extracted for Little Bealings, All Saints, Suffolk


Ref. no. Date of burial Name Age Additional information Date of death
11002 04/10/1713 (?) Fuller   Wife of Richard Fuller, of Little Bealings.  
11005 18/02/1729 Thomas Fuller   Of Little Bealings.  
11003 11/01/1781 Anne Fuller   Infant, of Little Bealings.  
13233 01/07/1781 Nanny Osborne   Infant, of Little Bealings.  
11004 15/06/1792 Ann Fuller 10 Years Daughter of William and Elizabeth Fuller, of Little Bealings.  
15710 21/04/1794 Mary Pearl 13 Years Daughter of Henry and Susan (late Plant), of Little Bealings.