Burials extracted for Soham, St. Andrew, Cambridgeshire


Ref. no. Date of burial Name Age Additional information Date of death
9472 25/11/1717 Mary Pierson   Daughter of John and Mary Pierson. [BTs give the mother's name as Margaret.]  
8986 09/10/1758 Elizabeth Owers   Infant. Daughter of Robert Owers.  
5257 04/12/1760 Sarah Gunton   Single Woman.  
8985 15/04/1765 Mary Owers   Infant. Daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Owers.  
9471 18/12/1765 Mary Pierson   Infant. Daughter of William and Elizabeth Pierson.  
5258 14/12/1772 Philippa Gunton   Widow of Andrew Gunton.  
8987 25/12/1772 William Owers   Infant. Son of Robert and Elizabeth Owers.  
2059 29/03/1783 Sarah Prestwidge   Wife of George Prestwidge (Inn Holder). Died in child bed.  
5259 30/11/1790 John Gunton 66 Years Widower, Glazier.  
8863 09/02/1798 Elizabeth Peirson 52 Years Wife of Mr. Robert Peirson, Attorney at Law, and widow of the late Mr. William Jardine.  
8864 28/11/1798 Robert Pierson 49 Years Widower, Attorney at Law.  
8865 16/05/1802 Sarah Fuller 69 Years Widow - late Peirson.  
878 11/07/1921 John Levi Morley 79 Years Buried in grave no. J372/2443/1006.