Burials extracted for Caxton, St. Andrew, Cambridgeshire


Ref. no. Date of burial Name Age Additional information Date of death
1329 10/02/1668 Anne Barnard   Wife of William Barnard.  
1330 17/02/1668 Joell Barnard   Son of William Barnard.  
1331 11/12/1669 Alice Barnard   Daughter of William Barnard.  
1332 28/04/1675 Anne Pell Barnard   Daughter of Mr. Christopher and Alice Barnard. [Entry from Bishop's Transcripts].  
1334 02/06/1720 Alice Barnard   Wife of Mr. William Barnard. [Entry from Bishop's Transcripts].  
1335 20/02/1721 William Barnard   Mr. [Entry from Bishop's Transcripts].  
1336 04/10/1756 Francis Barnard   Reverend.  
1337 18/05/1760 Francis Barnard   Infant.  
1338 28/03/1763 Mary Elizabeth Barnard   Infant.  
1339 23/09/1783 Thomas Collier Barnard   Infant, son of Collier and Susan Barnard.  
1340 04/07/1784 Thomas Collier Barnard   Infant.  
1341 22/06/1787 Susanna Maynard   Wife of Reverend Henry Maynard, and daughter of Reverend Thomas Barnard.  
1342 27/05/1792 Collier Barnard      
1343 16/09/1792 Henry Barnard   Son of Collier Barnard.  
1344 23/10/1794 Thomas Barnard   Reverend.  
1345 29/03/1813 Susannah Barnard 79 Years Mrs., of London. [Surname entered in register as Barnet].  
1333 18/05/1877 Dorothy Barnard   Wife of Mr. William Barnard. [Entry from Bishop's Transcripts].