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Every family has at least one story, whether it's of success or whether it's something that descendants would prefer to keep hidden. In my case, the most entertaining characters seem to have all been members of the Morris family of Aston and Yardley in Birmingham.


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Help wanted

There are a number of puzzles which I have so far been unable to solve.
I would be extremely grateful if you are able to answer any of the following questions:

  1. The place, date and bride of the first marriage of John Fuller of Buxhall, 1705-1776, who married Sarah ???, c.1706-1764, sometime in the 1720's.
  2. The baptisms of John Fuller of Buxhall's children. The estaimated dates of birth have been calculated from marriage licences and monumental inscriptions.
  3. The baptism of William Fuller of Woolpit, c.1753-1792, whose apprenticeship to Thomas Thurlow of Buxhall finished in 1772 and who married Mary Diggens in the 1780s.
    There is a baptism of a William Fuller Robinson at Ipswich, St. Peter and a marriage between a William Fuller Robinson and Mary Diggins at Westminster, St. James Piccadilly but I have not yet been able to prove/disprove that these events relate to William Fuller of Woolpit. These entries would, however, explain the William Robinson named in the will of John Fuller of Buxhall.
  4. The baptism of Richard Osborn of Nedging who married Susan Pond in Buxhall in 1787.
  5. The baptism of Jacob Fuller of Stowmarket and Northfleet who, according to his burial record, was born in 1774/5 but was possibly born a few years earlier.

Any other corrections or additional information would, of course, be gratefully received.