Marriages extracted for Greenwich, East, Christ Church, Kent


Ref. Date of Marriage details
no. Marriage Additional information
1673 18/01/1881 Frederick William Bird married, by Banns, Fanny Louisa Goodwin
    Husband: Single, of Godmanchester, St. Mary the Virgin. Of full age; Draper; son of James Bird, Draper.
    Wife: Single. Of full age; of Frobisher Street; daughter of John Dicks Goodwin, Builder.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: (?) Goodwin, Clarissa Goodwin, Eleanor Goodwin.
1675 29/12/1885 Frederick Charles Goodwin married, by Banns, Amelia Kate Phillips
    Husband: Single. Aged 25; Relieving Officer; of 15 Gomm Road, Rotherhithe; son of Henry Goodwin, Retired Sergeant in R. Divn. Police.
    Wife: Single. Aged 22; of 21 Frobisher Street; daughter of Henry Phillips, Inspector of Police.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: Henry Phillips, William Latham, Jane Hooper, Lily Jefferies.
1668 01/02/1891 George Webb married, by Banns, Ellen Goodwin
    Husband: Single. Aged 22; Diver; of 50 Christ Church Street; son of John Webb, Waterman.
    Wife: Single. Aged 24; of 48 Christ Church Street; daughter of James Goodwin, Thatcher.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: William Goodwin, Lizzie Goodwin.
1672 18/02/1894 George William L. Stone married, by Banns, Elizabeth Goodwin
    Husband: Single. Aged 24; Surveyor; of 79 Woolwich Road; son of Charles Stone, Barge Owner.
    Wife: Single. Aged 21; of 81 Woolwich Road; daughter of James Goodwin, Thatcher.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: William Goodwin, Emily Goodwin.
1671 05/11/1899 John Henry Finch married, by Banns, Annie Goodwin
    Husband: Single. Aged 33; Butcher; of 114 Annandale Road; son of Frederick Finch (deceased), Pawnbroker.
    Wife: Single. Aged 21; of 144 Annandale Road; daughter of James Valentine Goodwin (deceased), Thatcher.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: George William Stone, Elizabeth Stone.
1674 27/07/1902 Frederick George Goodwin married, by Banns, Alice Bessie Green
    Husband: Single. Aged 21; Horse Keeper; of 27 Glenforth Street; son of George Frederick Goodwin, Horse Driver.
    Wife: Single. Aged 18; of 27 Glenforth Street; daughter of John Edward Green, Engineer.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: John Edward Green, Emily Goodwin.