Marriages extracted for Newington, St. Mary (Southwark), Surrey


Ref. Date of Marriage details
no. Marriage Additional information
4248 30/03/1836 William John Meynell married, by Licence, Susannah Rumbelow
    Husband: Single, of Newington, St. Mary (Southwark). Signed register.
    Wife: Single, of Newington, St. Mary (Southwark). Signed register.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: William Rumbelow, Harriett Frances Wall.
3578 07/03/1869 John Robinson married, by Banns, Eliza Baker
    Husband: Single. Of full age; Clerk; of Arnolds Paragon; son of Henry Robinson, Clerk.
    Wife: Single. Of full age; of Arnolds Paragon; daughter of Thomas Baker, Farmer.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: C. W. Clark, C. Clark.
1905 13/10/1890 Alfred Cutting married, by Licence, Emily Louisa Felgate
    Husband: Widower, of Mendlesham, St. Mary. Aged 42; Farmer; son of Phillip Cutting (deceased), Farmer.
    Wife: Single. Aged 36; of 48 Doddington Grove; daughter of John Felgate (deceased), Merchant.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: William Henry Henley, Jane M. Felgate.