Marriages extracted for Ely, Holy Trinity, Cambridgeshire


Ref. Date of Marriage details
no. Marriage Additional information
3432 03/02/1734 Francis Norman married, by Licence, Elizabeth Brooke
    Husband: Of Isleham, St. Andrew.
    Wife: Of Ely, Holy Trinity.
4274 20/10/1816 John Human married, by Licence, Martha Wybrow
    Husband: Widower, of Ely, Holy Trinity. Signed register.
    Wife: Single, of Isleham, St. Andrew. Signed register.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: John Drake, James Ling.
2509 17/06/1890 Thomas Barnard married, by Banns, Eleanor Jane Creak
    Husband: Widower. Aged 43; Signalman; of Sutton Junction; son of Philip Barnard, Railway Inspector.
    Wife: Single. Aged 38; of Market Street; daughter of William Boyce Creak, Stationer.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: John Willis, Flora Elizabeth Barnard.
2641 08/12/1897 Ernest John Grimwood married, by Banns, Bertha Kate Barnard
    Husband: Single. Aged 24; Coachman; of 13 Pownall Road, Fulham; son of John Grimwood, Coachman.
    Wife: Single. Aged 27; of Sutton Junction; daughter of Thomas Barnard, Signalman G.E.R..
    Marriage: Witnessed by: Thomas Barnard, Flora Elizabeth Barnard.
2741 06/02/1904 James Clements married, by Banns, Flora Elizabeth Barnard
    Husband: Single. Aged 37; Gardener; of 43 Ellerslie Road, Clapham Park; son of John Clements (deceased), Labourer.
    Wife: Single. Aged 31; of Sutton Junction; daughter of Thomas Barnard, Railway Signal Man.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: Thomas Barnard, Lily Helen Barnard.