Marriages extracted for Ipswich, St. Nicholas Street New Independent Chapel, Suffolk


Ref. Date of Marriage details
no. Marriage Additional information
2621 24/06/1841 Zachariah Moye married Hannah Barnard
    Husband: Single, of Ipswich, St. Margaret. Of full age; Jobber; of Woodbridge Road, Ipswich St. Margaret; son of Zachariah Moye, Fishmonger.
    Wife: Widow, of Ipswich, St. Clement. Of full age; of Union Street, Ipswich St. Clement; daughter of Richard Southgate, Labourer.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: Sarah Dodd, John Ship.
2600 08/12/1861 Alfred Garwood married Matilda Barnard
    Husband: Widower, of Ipswich, St. Clement. Aged 28; Sawyer; of Cliff Street, Ipswich St. Clement; son of Samuel Garwood (deceased), Blacksmith.
    Wife: Single, of Ipswich, St. Matthew. Aged 28; of Church Lane, Ipswich St. Matthew; daughter of Charles Barnard, Labourer.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: Charles Barnard, Jane Jacobs.
2607 14/10/1862 Charles Barnard married Martha Smith
    Husband: Single, of Ipswich, St. Matthew. Aged 24; Coal Porter; of Church Lane, Ipswich St. Matthew; son of Charles Barnard, Labourer.
    Wife: Single. Aged 24; of Tooley Street, Ipswich; daughter of William Smith (deceased), Carpenter.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: John Barnard, Emily Smith.
2616 01/06/1879 William Wright married, by Certificate, Ellen Barnard
    Husband: Single. Aged 29; Brickmaker; of Spring Road, Ipswich; son of Jonathan Wright, Moulder.
    Wife: Single. Aged 22; of Stowmarket; daughter of Stephen Barnard, Maltster.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: Robert Wright, Mary Hannah Wright.
4196 17/10/1894 Frederick William Moore married, by Certificate, Emma Felgate
    Husband: Single. Aged 28; Watchmaker's Assistant; of Childer Street, Stowmarket; son of William Moore, Harness Maker.
    Wife: Single. Aged 25; of 35 St. Nicholas Street, Ipswich; daughter of Thomas Felgate, Greengrocer.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: George Thomas Felgate, Adelaide Felgate.