Marriages extracted for Bradford, St. Peter, Yorkshire


Ref. Date of Marriage details
no. Marriage Additional information
4137 08/07/1865 Abednego Topham Butterworth married, by Banns, Harriet Best
    Husband: Single. Aged 20; Wrapdresser; of Low Moor; son of James Butterworth, Engine Tenter.
    Wife: Single. Aged 20; Spinner; of Low Moor; daughter of Stephen Best, Labourer.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: William Holmes, Christopher Gibson.
4154 15/08/1903 Edward Felgate married, by Banns, Frances Alice Merrill
    Husband: Single. Aged 23; Woolcomber's Jobber; of 39 Stamford Street, Bradford; son of Thomas Manning Felgate, Corporation Labourer (Excavator).
    Wife: Single. Aged 22; Rover in Worsted Mill; of 1 Violet Street, Bradford; daughter of William Henry Merrill, Hoist Attendant.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: William Cornwell(?), Harriet Ann Felgate.
4155 14/06/1930 Thomas Manning Felgate married, by Banns, Mary Dalby
    Husband: Widower. Aged 78; Pensioner; of 20 Carlisle Street; son of Edward Felgate (deceased), Maltster.
    Wife: Widow. Aged 71; Housekeeper; of 41 Bowland Street; daughter of James Greenwood (deceased), Wool Sorter.
    Marriage: Witnessed by: George Seager, Hannah Seager.