Will details for John Fuller of Buxhall, St. Mary, Suffolk

Testator surname Fuller Type of will Will Date written 26/05/1774
Testator forename John Will court Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury Probate date 29/01/1777
Place of residence Buxhall, St. Mary, Suffolk Occupation Yeoman  


ID no. Beneficiary name Executor Relationship Related to
  Occupation Place of residence
19 Felgate, John Fuller   grandson of Testator
10 Felgate, William   son-in-law of Testator
14 Fuller, Edmund   son of Testator
3 Fuller, John   son of Testator
18 Fuller, John   grandson of Testator
12 Fuller, Priscilla   daughter of Testator
15 Fuller, Robert X son of Testator
1 Fuller, Sarah   wife of Testator
    Buxhall, St. Mary, Suffolk
13 Fuller, Sarah   daughter of Testator
4 Fuller, Thomas X son of Testator
7 Fuller, William   son of Testator
9 Howe, Henry   son-in-law of Testator
22 Howe, John   grandson of Testator
8 Jewers, Jane   daughter of Testator
21 Jewers, Thomas   grandson of Testator
23 Mirrington, John   grandson of Testator
20 Osborn, Edmund   grandson of Testator
6 Osborne, Edmund   son-in-law of Testator
17 Owers, William   unspecified to Testator
25 Robinson, William   grandson of Testator
16 Rumbelow, Philip   unspecified to Testator
24 Wright, John   grandson of Testator
11 Wright, William   grandson of Testator