Will details for James Moore of Isleham, St. Andrew, Cambridgeshire

Testator surname Moore Type of will Will Date written 02/02/1810
Testator forename James Will court Prerogative Court of Canterbury Probate date 11/02/1811
Place of residence Isleham, St. Andrew, Cambridgeshire Occupation Gentleman  
Comments Late of Brydges Street, Covent Garden, London.


ID no. Beneficiary name Executor Relationship Related to
  Occupation Place of residence
1709 Bird, William   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
1009 Gaskins, Mary   niece of Testator
1012 Hyde, William X unspecified to Testator
  Of Duke Street, West Smithfield, London.
1008 Moore, Betta   daughter of Beneficiary 1006: Moore, Robert
  Named after Testator's wife.
1007 Moore, Betta   wife of Testator
  [Buried on 14/02/1791 at Covent Garden, St. Paul].
1011 Moore, John   unspecified to Testator
    Worlington, All Saints, Suffolk
1006 Moore, Robert   unspecified to Testator
    Medmenham, St. Peter and St. Paul, Buckinghamshire
1708 Norman, Joseph   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
1013 Seaber, Mary Ann   niece of Testator
    Isleham, St. Andrew, Cambridgeshire
1014 Seaber, William X unspecified to Testator
1010 Spokes, William   nephew of Testator
    Aston Tirrold, Berkshire