Will details for John Murrells of Monks Eleigh, St. Peter, Suffolk

Testator surname Murrells Type of will Will Date written 28/07/1788
Testator forename John Will court Peculiar of the Deanery of Bocking Probate date 06/08/1788
Place of residence Monks Eleigh, St. Peter, Suffolk Occupation Innholder  


ID no. Beneficiary name Executor Relationship Related to
  Occupation Place of residence
1914 Deeks, Robert   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
1911 Murrells, Mary   wife of Testator
1907 Murrells, Ursula   aunt of Testator
1915 Pittuck, Samuel   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
1913 Powell, Thomas   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
1912 Stribling, James X unspecified to Testator
  Blacksmith Tattingstone, St. Mary, Suffolk
1906 Stribling, James X nephew of Testator
  Lives with the Testator at the Swan Inn, Monks Eleigh.
1909 Stribling, John   nephew of Testator
1910 Stribling, Susanna   niece of Testator
  Under 21 years of age.
1908 Wright, John   son-in-law of Testator
  Sold property to the Testator.