Will details for William Pond of Cowlinge, St. Margaret, Suffolk

Testator surname Pond Type of will Will Date written 20/04/1791
Testator forename William Will court Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury Probate date 09/07/1791
Place of residence Cowlinge, St. Margaret, Suffolk Occupation Farmer  


ID no. Beneficiary name Executor Relationship Related to
  Occupation Place of residence
2180 Harrison, Elizabeth   unspecified to Testator
  Mrs. Owner of land in Cowlinge.
2181 Pond, Betty X wife of Testator
  "Otherwise Elizabeth Pond".
2178 Pond, Samuel X son of Testator
2182 Pond, William   son of Testator
2185 Reynell, Carew   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
2179 Steel, George   unspecified to Testator
  Owner of land in Cowlinge.
2186 Swan, William   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
2184 Wilson, Andrew   husband of Beneficiary 2183: Wilson, Elizabeth
2183 Wilson, Elizabeth   daughter of Testator