Will details for John Button of Thelnetham, St. Nicholas, Suffolk

Testator surname Button Type of will Will Date written 27/05/1784
Testator forename John Will court Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury Probate date 03/02/1785
Place of residence Thelnetham, St. Nicholas, Suffolk Occupation Cordwainer  


ID no. Beneficiary name Executor Relationship Related to
  Occupation Place of residence
2250 Baker, William   unspecified to Testator
    Thelnetham, St. Nicholas, Suffolk
  Occupies property belonging to John Button.
2256 Browne, Robert   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
2253 Button, ***   siblings of Testator
  Unspecified number of brothers and sisters.
2248 Button, Benjamin X brother of Testator
  Farmer Thelnetham, St. Nicholas, Suffolk
2249 Button, Sarah X wife of Testator
2247 Button, Thomas X brother of Testator
  Miller Thelnetham, St. Nicholas, Suffolk
2255 Prince, James   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
2257 Reeve, Samuel   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
2254 Smith, George   son-in-law of Testator
  Under 21 years of age.
2251 Smith, Mary   daughter of Testator
  "Natural" daughter. Under 21 years of age.
2252 Smith, Sarah   mother of Beneficiary 2251: Smith, Mary