Will details for John Rumbelow of Isleham, St. Andrew, Cambridgeshire

Testator surname Rumbelow Type of will Will Date written 20/06/1836
Testator forename John Will court Peculiar of the Bishop of Rochester Probate date 08/01/1840
Place of residence Isleham, St. Andrew, Cambridgeshire Occupation Gentleman  


ID no. Beneficiary name Executor Relationship Related to
  Occupation Place of residence
2580 Archer, James   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
2579 Brown, Joseph   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
2578 Brown, Morriss   unspecified to Testator
  Witness to will.
2575 Moore, John   husband of Beneficiary 2574: Moore, Mary
  Farmer Mildenhall, St. Mary, Suffolk
  The younger.
2574 Moore, Mary X unspecified to Testator
2577 Rumbelow, William X unspecified to Testator
  Gentleman Isleham, St. Andrew, Cambridgeshire
2573 Sindall, Mary   niece of Testator
2576 Woods, John X unspecified to Testator
  Farmer Gazeley, All Saints, Suffolk